Stora Enso Ala sawmill chooses Valutec’s wood dryers

Jenny Andersoon, sawmill manager at Stora Enso Ala

Stora Enso’s sawmill in Ala, Sweden is investing in one TC progressive kiln, two FB-continuous kilns and three cart-fed batch kilns from Swedish Valutec.

“When the new Valutec dryers are in place, we will have a state-of-the-art, sustainable drying park, tailored to our product range. We will become more energy-efficient with high-tech drying technology in all our kilns,” said Jenny Andersson, sawmill manager at Stora Enso Ala.

Stora Enso previously had experience from partnerships, project implementation and products from Valutec.

“An important quality aspect favoring Valutec was that their dryers have a stainless-steel construction proven to be adapted to the Nordic environment near the sea where we operate,” said Andersson.

Valutec chose early on to only manufacture dryers in stainless steel. It has proven superior to aluminum. An aluminum dryer lasts for about 20 years, while a stainless-steel dryer lasts “forever, if maintained correctly”, as claimed by Valutec.

Joakim Berglund, Valutec sales manager

“We are very proud to once again gain the trust of Stora Enso. They are knowledgeable and thorough in their procurement process. The fact that they choose us again is proof that we are working correctly,” said Joakim Berglund, Valutec sales manager.

Stora Enso’s commitment to sustainability, captured in their purpose statement of “Do good for the people and the planet”, is also something Valutec is proud to contribute to.

“Valutec works actively to be the most sustainable timber dryer supplier, so it was an extra feather in our cap that we could live up to Stora Enso’s sustainability requirements,” said Berglund.

The installation of the wood dryers will begin in the summer and all dryers will be put into operation on 25 Jan, and the plan is for other production to continue as usual during the construction of the dryers.

In 1854, Bergvik, Ala AB built the first sawmill in Ala and since 1998 it has been part of the Stora Enso group. Today, Ala is a pine sawmill, with an annual capacity of approximately 400,000m3, which produces sawn wood products and finishing finger jointed products.

It also has its own pellet production of approximately 100,000 tonnes. The company has 143 employees.