Altendorf Group part of ‘Best of German Industry’ award and publication

Altendorf Group receiving the ‘Best of German Industry’ award (Image: Altendorf)

The Altendorf Group, a global manufacturer of woodworking machinery and technologies, is proud to be featured as one of the companies in the illustrated book Best of German Industry by Studio ZX by ZEIT publishing group.

According to the group’s press release, the illustrated book highlights the resilience and “clout of world market-leading German industrial companies in times of challenging global developments”.

The German industry is currently facing challenges such as the war in Ukraine, climate change and growing international competitive pressure.

However, the illustrated book Best of German Industry raises the question of whether the “feared” de-industrialisation is imminent or whether the creativity, innovative strength and resilience of German market leaders and hidden champions are securing the country’s prosperity, as said by Altendorf.

The first edition of Best of German Industry presents over 50 portraits of German industrial companies, including the Altendorf Group, as symbols of resilience and innovative strength.

Iliane Weir, managing director of Studio ZX, explained: “Telling company stories in a unique way — that is what Studio ZX stands for. We are therefore delighted to be able to publish this new, high-quality illustrated book on important German industrial companies in close collaboration with Dr Florian Langenscheidt.

“This builds on the success of previous joint publications such as From the Best Family and our strong work Brands of the Century. In this way, we are making entrepreneurial excellence visible for our customers.”

The illustrated book Best of German Industry is published in German and English. Dr Florian Langenscheidt, publisher of the illustrated book, emphasised the importance of German industry: “Industry, the private sector and SMEs in particular have been the locomotive for growth, prosperity and innovation for decades.”

Peter Schwenk, CEO of the Altendorf Group, added: “Receiving the ‘Best of German Industry’ award and being named in the first edition of the Best of German Industry publication is a great confirmation of our continuous innovation work to make our customers’ work even more efficient and safer with our machines and solutions.

The official premiere of the Best of German Industry publication, including the ceremonial presentation of the ‘Best of German Industry’ award by Dr Florian Langenscheidt to the award winners, took place in December 2023 at the Adlon on Pariser Platz in Berlin, Germany.

About ‘Best of German Industry’

‘Best of German Industry’ is a project of the media brand Deutsche Standards, which the ZEIT publishing group has been publishing as part of its SME initiative since 2018. Other projects also include ‘Brands of the Century’ and ‘From the Best Family’. The media brand offers companies a range of formats in the form of print products, podcasts, videos and events.