Xylexpo announces awardees for XIA-Xylexpo Innovation Award

The awardees (Image: Xylexpo)

Xylexpo has released the awardees for the fourth edition of the XIA-Xylexpo Innovation Award during the closing of the wood and furniture industry technology exhibition.

The award included five categories: Solid Wood Processing, Panel Processing, Finishing, Digitalisation, and Sustainability.

The award for Solid Wood Processing went to Paoletti Energy from Borgo Valbelluna, for its gluing system Iglueing PUR Hyper. According to the judges, the system “features include a massive reduction of applicator cleaning time, a more efficient use of adhesive, and easy integration with several machines”.

For Panel Processing, the award went to Altendorf Group’s HAND GUARD and SCM’s Blade Off, both of which “include a significant improvement of operator safety in squaring machines, potentially applicable also to other types of machines”.

In the Finishing category, Excellent Cm80 by Makor included “enhanced belt conveyor cleaning, greater efficiency in paint use as a result of more effective overspray recovery”.

SCM’s Digital Factory won the Digitalisation award, for offering “the possibility to capture information and data from a production environment, with the capacity to monitor a product from order, through production, up to after-sales”.

As for the Sustainability category, the wood dust extractor by Spänex was awarded. According to the jury, the product was recognised for its energy saving feature, environmental protection, and integration with recycling systems, among other features and benefits.