World’s tallest timber tower well ahead of construction schedule


Brock Commons, the world’s tallest timber tower is expected to be completed next spring instead of the projected fall 2017. Image: Acton Ostry Architects.

The world’s tallest timber tower just had its final panel lifted and installed in early August, taking it ahead of its original construction schedule and well on its way to completion.

Construction of Brock Commons, a student residence at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, began last November.

In just 66 days, the external façade of the pioneering design by Acton Ostry Architects has come to fruition, which means that students will be able to move in as early as spring instead of fall 2017.

John Metras, managing director of UBC Infrastructure, said, “Construction just went really smoothly. It was well designed and the construction sequence went smoothly.”

To ease fire safety fears of an 18-story timber structure, the building is outfitted with a sprinkler system and wood is protected by a drywall and concrete. The building’s lightweight structure allows for better energy dissipation making it more earthquake-resistant.