World’s tallest timber tower reached structural completion using sustainable PEFC wood

INTERNTIONAL property and infrastructure group Lendlease has completed the structure of the world’s tallest and largest engineered timber office building. It is located on the $2.9 billion renewal development site at Brisbane showgrounds in Bowen Hills.

The nine-storey building is made up of 3097 individual timber elements, including 33 timber columns on each floor and 52 beams. It costs $140 million to build.

More than 5970 m3 of timber – equivalent of 3402 spruce pine trees – was used in the construction. All the timber was sourced from PEFC-certified forests and has a verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Sustainable and certified timber, combined with engineered wood solutions, has pushed Lendlease forward to deliver the world’s largest timber office building by gross floor area. The project will be completed later this year.

Responsible Wood, the governing body in Australia for the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), congratulated Lendlease on its pioneering achievement.