World’s tallest timber building officially opens in Bergen

Image: Treet, the world’s tallest timber building 

Treet, the world’s tallest timber building was officially opened on December 11. Standing at approximately 50m tall, the 14-storey residential apartment in Bergen, southwest of Norway, is made from Pine and Spruce cross-laminated timber.

The building was commissioned by Bergen og Omegn Boligbyggelag (BOB) last year and led by Stockholm-based architecture and engineering consultancy, SWECO. CLT was chosen for the main structural component as BOB wanted a sustainable iconic structure that the town could be proud of.

Rune Abrahamsen, Treet’s chief engineer, said that constructing the world’s tallest timber building was admittedly one of his toughest jobs.

“There were many factors to consider, such as addressing the building’s movement in response to weather elements and temperature changes.”

Around the world, architects and contractors are paying more attention to timber as a construction material for its environmental credentials. CLT has excellent fire retardant properties, low carbon footprint and can be repurposed at the end of a building’s life. CLT panels can be prefabricated and then assembled on-site, significantly reducing construction time and pollution. 

However while timber may be a solution to sustainable buildings in urban areas, Mr Abrahamsen added that “it is important to use timber, concrete and steel where it is best suited.”

On CLT’s development in the world, he said, “my outlook on the European timber industry is definitely positive, due to the intensifying sustainability movement, which will in turn drive demand. Asia too; except it will take a longer time. It depends on how quickly you can educate people on CLT and glulam, as well as adjust regulations to include it.” 


Image: Treet, the world’s tallest timber building/ PHOTO CREDIT: Rune Abrahamsen

Image: Inside Treet/ PHOTO CREDIT: Rune Abrahamsen

Source: Panels & Furniture Asia