World Forestry Center to hold its first Asia-Pacific Wood Trade Conference in March

A tropical rainforest in Asia

The extraordinary economic growth of many countries in Asia over the last decade has made the region a primary driving force impacting wood demand and supply.  “Changing Dynamics of the Asia-Pacific Wood Trade” is a two-day conference organised by the Oregon-based World Forestry Center and New Zealand information company DANA.   

“While we will continue to hold these annual forest investment conferences, we are aware of the rapidly changing dynamics of the Asia Pacific wood trade; and so we felt it is timely to bring together players involved in this trade to Portland in 2016.  The health of this trade is vitally important to returns that can be earned for forest investments, all around the Pacific Rim and beyond, including North America, Latin America, Oceania, Asia, Africa and even Europe,” said Sara Wu, WFC’s conference organiser.

“This trade impacts such a wide range of industries; from forest ownership in New Zealand, to pulp manufacturing in Brazil and Chile, to woodchip exporting from Australia and Vietnam to sawmilling in Western Europe and to value-added processing in China and Asia,” said DANA Director, Dennis Neilson. “With China now absorbing vast quantities of forest products, all forest owners around the Pacific Rim and in Europe, and most wood processors are now inherently affected by the Asia Pacific wood trade.”

This inaugural wood trade conference in Portland, Oregon USA, will be held on March 1-2, 2016, and will feature a roster of international speakers from the forest industry, covering logs, lumber, and wood biomass trade in Asia.

Presentations will cover:

  • What is the probable impact on the ability of Canada and North America to export logs and lumber to Asia in the next 5-10 years?
  • China’s log and lumber import trade: What comes after explosive growth from 2008-2015? 
  • Japanese softwood log markets: A fraction of the heyday but are they stable now? 
  • Will India become the “new China” for softwood log and lumber import markets in the next decade?
  • Russia is the biggest exporter of log and lumber roundwood equivalent into Asia Pacific but will that last? 
  • What are the strategic or opportunistic markets in the future for US PNW log exports to Asia?
  • How do North American – Pacific Rim sawmill cost structures compare, and what impact will this have on their competitiveness? 
  • New Zealand has grown to be the largest log export supplier into Asia Pacific. Is there still room for growth?
  • Will European lumber exports flood China like it has Japan? 
  • Will reductions in the tropical hardwood log trade into Asia Pacific open a big new market for softwoods?
  • The Asia Pacific woodchip and biomass trade:  Where does North America fit in? 
  • What are the challenges, future developments and impact of Africa’s Softwood and Hardwood on Asia?


Image: Panels & Furniture Asia

Source: World Forestry Center/ Edited by Panels & Furniture Asia