Work begins on Scotland’s tallest wooden building

Work on Scotland’s tallest timber building has begun, a seven-storey structure in Yoker, Glasgow, which will have 42 new flats overlooking the River Clyde when completed.

Constructed primarily of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), the development demonstrates CLT as a sustainable alternative to steel and concrete, offers enhanced environmental efficiency standards and greater flexibility during the construction process. It also addresses some of the industry challenges in terms of resource demand; both the labour skills requirement and also the material supply chain.

Alastair Wylie, chairman and chief executive of CCG, said, “Since the conception of our timber frame division in 2007, CCG has led R&D into the use of ‘off-site technology’ in Scotland.

“In doing so we continue to show our success in striving to deliver the national target of building 50,000 new homes within the next five years as set by Scottish Government.”

CLT was first introduced to UK in 2003 and since then it has been used extensively across the South East of England in a variety of sectors and in doing so proving the concept for widespread adoption.

Installation is expected to begin in March. The superstructure will be clad in a lightweight solution using acrylic brick slips, replicating a traditional brick aesthetic.