Woodworking made izy to be featured at LIGNA

Woodworking made izy, developed by seven woodworking machinery manufacturers over the last four years, will be showcased at the international woodworking trade fair LIGNA.

The seven manufacturers involved, HOMAG, Biesse, Buerkle, IMA Schelling, SCM, Weber and Weinig, all together with the VDMA, will provide updates.

Woodworking made izy aims to create a common language to connect wood processing machines with a standard interface as a Woodworking Companion Specification for Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA), enabling machines from different manufacturers to be easily integrated and connected.

The common language has been developed in cooperation with the Universal Machine Technology Interface (UMATI) who bring together machine builders and users, thereby creating a community of industries and promoting universal standards across several sectors, including woodworking.

Technical teams are developing the standard interface and are currently working on the Job Management feature ensuring all machines involved in the production process, whether wood or metalworking, tooling machines, dust extraction systems or robots, of different brands and technologies, will be harmonised. 

The Job Management standard will audit the runtime, technologies, parts, materials and handling required in the process. It will provide an order in vertical communication within the manufacturing process after acknowledging all complexities and criteria demanded by the market. 

The entire procedure will be standardised and will no longer depend on variable factors related to operators or machines making manufacturing easier, because individual interface programming will be superseded and an overall control of the production process will be set up efficiently.