Wooden flooring sales in China go up four per cent

Statistics from the China National Forestry Products Industry Association and its subdivision, the Flooring Special Committee, show four per cent bump in wooden flooring sales to 396.8 million square meters in 2016.

In total, sales of laminated wooden flooring went up to 210.5 million square meters, a two per cent increment; composite wood flooring rose to 104.5 million square meters, or a nine per cent growth; solid wooden flooring hit 43.9 million square meters to register a ten per cent hike; and various other wood floorings experienced a seven per cent raise. Bamboo flooring, however, dropped three per cent.

Over the past few years, China’s internal market for wood flooring has expanded from the dominant metropolises to include the smaller cities. Manufacturers and producers have noticed the oversaturation of wooden floorings in the preeminent urban districts and they have gone into fresh markets.

However, even as the sales for wooden flooring are growing in China, analysts have indicated the amount of large and medium-sized companies is limited and paltry when contrasted to the prolific numbers of smaller enterprises that made up an estimated 90 per cent of the wooden flooring industry the year before.