Wooden extensions atop old buildings could be the solution for more urban space

In Paris, a home owner wanted to build an extension on the roof of his home in Saint-Ouen, Paris, to welcome a new neighbour. The tricky job was outsourced to FREAKS freearchitects, who had to work around the existing configuration of the building where the client and his family lived.

The process involved installing wood-based panels and prefabricated wood components from Metsa Wood. Thanks to the materials’ versatility, construction did not take long and the new family arrived shortly within schedule. 

This house on the roof was constructed in 2009. Now, it is reflective of a worldwide trend to create new spaces to accommodate the city’s burgeoning population. Instead of constructing new buildings, wooden extensions are built atop old structures. Wood is the chosen material for this purpose because of its lightness, durability, and versatility- which expedites the whole construction process. 


Images: FREAKS Freearchitects

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