WoodBiz2016 Communiqué of six theses

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The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) organized an international symposium for decision-makers and research stakeholders from 7–8 April in Lahti, Finland, to evaluate new opportunities and challenges for wood products business cluster. Based on the expert presentations and common discussions, Luke prepared a communiqué of six theses to influence decision-making in economic life and research programs in Europe and Finland.


WoodBiz2016 Communiqué: The wood products industries constitute a strong European brand – six main theses

  1. Strong attention needs to be given to wood products business cluster in European industry policy and research, development and innovation programs (RDI)
  2. Growth oriented enterprises and networks should operate as agile reformers of strategic and operational models in the bioeconomy
  3. Decision-makers to foster intercourse between business and science
  4. Education among the wood products cluster should be developed to foresee the needs of the future
  5. Multi-disciplinary research on the health promoting and well-being effects of wood products should be strengthened
  6. Focus in RDI of wood products cluster towards its renewal through bioeconomy solutions

 The communiqué will be published with all its contents in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Source: Luke