Wood Window Alliance warns against “timber lookalike” pvc-u windows

UK’s Wood Window Alliance (WWA) is warning consumers and the industry of PVC-u ‘timber-lookalike’ windows, which “flatter timber windows by mimicking their construction, detailing and finish.”

“Moreover, many of the claims made for these windows on the Internet and in marketing materials are misleading, although they are presented as ‘facts’,” the Alliance stated.

It has since launched a campaign with a series of infographics and fact sheets to dispel myths surrounding “plastic promises from the PVC-u industry”.

The campaign includes an analysis of the performance of PVCu vs wood windows in relation to environmental impact, fire resistance, toxic legacy, maintenance and durability.

“The Wood Window Alliance has done considerable work over the past few years to ensure we make our claims consistent, clear and honest,” said WWA Chairman Tony Pell. “Having reviewed the available data and latest research, we have decided to challenge the worst of these misleading so-called ‘facts’. Following this, you will find a list of ‘fake facts’ and misleading statements that are being presented by individual companies, and even the industry body of the PVC-u industry, as true.”

While PVCu frames might seem cheaper, wood frames are the better investment for long-term value, even taking maintenance into account, because of their longer life and low impact on the environment.

The Wood Window Alliance is a group of over 20 leading names in the UK wood window market. Launched in 2007, it aims to raise standards and promote the benefits of modern wood and aluminium-clad wood windows and doors.