WOOD TAIWAN 2021 to be held in hybrid format next April

WOOD TAIWAN (Taiwan Int’l Woodworking Machinery Show), jointly organised by TAITRA and TWMA, is one of the leading woodworking machinery trade fairs in Asia. This third edition of the show will be staged online and offline at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1) from 22 to 25 April 2021, to showcase the latest and best woodworking machinery from Taiwan and the region. This December onwards, WOODiscover, a series of video clips featuring some of our exhibitors’ on-site factory tours, will provide those in the industry with an effective way to preview the trade show.

”Thrive in Green Manufacturing” is the theme of WOOD TAIWAN 2021. The focus on how to make the best use of rare wood resources, and to improve the recycling and reuse of wood, has become the central issue of the wood processing industry for years. Exhibitors such as CHENG KUANG WOOD MACHINERY WORKS, ABM WOODWORKING MACHINERY, and TSUNG CHANG MACHINERY will showcase an array of products on energy-saving, consumption-reducing, waste-less, recyclable, and optimised production of plates processing machinery and components, in line with global sustainable production trends.

In order to meet the emerging needs of processing different wood composites for the industry, WOOD TAIWAN will include composite materials processing machinery, wood hand tools and plates to comprehensively display woodworking machinery’s cutting-edge products. Exhibitors such as CHIU TING MACHINERY, CHUAN CHIER INDUSTRIAL, and INNOVATOR MACHINERY will provide you with insights in regard to those diverse solutions.

Taiwan is a popular design and production hub of ICT products and services worldwide. In conjunction with industry upgrades, exhibitors LEADERMAC MACHINERY, ANDERSON INDUSTRIAL, and KUANG YUNG MACHINERY will demonstrate their smart manufacturing solutions which combine the Internet of Things, remote monitoring, sensors, and control systems, to respond to rapidly changing market demands.

The last edition of WOOD TAIWAN in 2018 shed spotlight on the outlook and development of CLT (cross-laminated timber) and the trend of Industry 4.0 in smart manufacturing for woodworking machinery.

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