Wood-Mizer releases affordable MP260 4-sided Planer/Moulder for Workshops

Wood-Mizer has released the MP260 four-sided planer/moulder – a versatile, compact machine engineered for professional woodworkers, carpenters, or joiners in the construction trade. Affordable and easy to use, the MP260 planes and moulds boards on all four sides in a single pass into a variety of professionally finished products including flooring, planed boards, crown moulding, cabinet trim, paneling, door and window frames, and furniture components.

The MP260 4-sided Planer/Moulder (Photo credit: Wood-Mizer)

Top Features:
• 4-sided planing and profiling in one pass.
• Large 4-sided cutting capacity – 260 mm wide x 100 mm high.
• Even larger 1-sided and 2-sided planing/moulding capacities.

“The MP260 Planer/Moulder is the perfect companion to a Wood-Mizer sawmill,” Said Robert Baginski, Wood-Mizer Industries President. “With this versatile and durable planer/moulder used in combination with a Wood-Mizer sawmill, our customers can truly realize their full creativity and produce whatever timber is needed by their clients.  – from log all the way through to finished timber products.”

The MP260 ships on a pallet and requires minimal assembly. Wood-Mizer supplies planer knives and moulding profiles through their line of cutting tools, and also supplies comprehensive sawdust extraction systems to accompany the MP260.

The release of the MP260 Planer/Moulder builds on Wood-Mizer’s position as a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of narrow band sawmills, now offering a full range of equipment that can seamlessly convert logs into timber and finally into finished wood products – all backed by Wood-Mizer’s expertise and commitment to excellent customer service.