Wood-Mizer presented a wide range of new machinery at LIGNA 2019

At LIGNA 2019 Wood-Mizer strengthened its reputation as a leading manufacturer offering machines for both small workshops and industrial enterprises for primary and secondary wood processing. Wood-Mizer equipment gives every company the opportunity to benefit in difficult competitive markets, to find new niche markets while saving valuable wood and energy.

Wood-Mizer at LIGNA 2019

For the first time at LIGNA a wide range of planer/moulders were presented. The machines are dedicated for small-to-medium workshops and allow sawmillers to take a further step by adding a moulding operation for converting boards into final wood products.

The Wood-Mizer planer / moulder range demonstrated at LIGNA included the MP160 Planer and Thicknesser that both planes and surfaces boards; the MP200 Planer/Moulder capable to plane and mould timber on two sides in a single pass; the versatile MP260 and MP360 Four-Sided Planer/Moulders, the MF130 Multifunctional Vertical Spindle Moulder with a tilting range of 270 degrees and the MS300 precision table saw with a large rip capacity and 45-degree blade tilt angle.

Alongside the well-known professional sawmills like LT70, LT40 and a LT15START, Wood-Mizer presented the new 90 cm log diametre capacity LT15WIDE sawmill and the entry-level LX50 for sawmillers who want to start business with minimal investment in the equipment.

Several years ago, Wood-Mizer introduced the new TITAN line by producing industrial high-volume sawmilling equipment. During this year’s LIGNA fair, the TITAN line was presented by three units: the WB2000 wideband sawmill, which features heavy-duty construction, low maintenance requirements, and efficient operation; the EA3000 optimising board edger, whose sensors allow the edger to scan boards and make the most out of slabs of varying widths; and a high capacity EG800 multirip edger, a robust machine that edges material up to 100 mm thick.

LIGNA visitors were also presented with Wood-Mizer’s line of wood cutting blades and knives which includes multirip, ripsaw, crosscut and frame saw blades, planing and moulding knives as well as narrowband and wideband bandsaw blades. With more than 2,000 available items in stock, the continuously expanding product range covers just about every sawblade size and application required.

LIGNA 2019 emphasised the Wood-Mizer’s worldwide reputation of being a reliable manufacturer offering machines for both small workshops and industrial sawmills, performing primary and secondary wood processing, giving every company the opportunity to benefit from Wood-Mizer’s proven and robust equipment.