Wood-Mizer introduces new sawdust-removal bandsaw blade

Wood-Mizer’s Vortex sawdust-removal bandsaw blade has generated positive results in high-production pallet factory tests.

The world’s leading portable sawmill manufacturer, Wood-Mizer LLC, has introduced a new sawdust-removal bandsaw blade.

Developed by Wood-Mizer Blades Specialist, Chris Vogelis, the Vortex® sawdust-removal bandsaw blade is engineered for pallet producers who need boards as free from excess sawdust as possible.

Pallet producer, Jeff Coomer of Indiana-based Coomer & Sons Sawmill, who tested the blade, commented, “The Vortex blade was getting 98 to 99% of the dust off, so it was impressive on how much dust it took off [compared to] a typical saw blade.”

Additionally, Paul Smith of Smith Sawmill Service in Texas said, “The new Vortex blade does a great job of getting the sawdust off the wood. It’s going to be an asset for companies trying to produce a clean pallet.”

The new Vortex® blade is available in North America.

Source: PR Web