Wood manufacturing processes have the potential to open up new market opportunities

According to Woodworking Network, dynamic buyer preferences hold keys and promises to opening, new and exciting wood industry market opportunities, though managers will have the task of taking on fresh views on how they conduct their businesses and operations.

New materials and new manufacturing approaches, frequently conceptualised and developed by the wood manufacturers themselves in partnership and cooperation with their suppliers, are transforming the wood industry. To that end, the inaugural Woodworking Network Leadership Forum on the 18th of July at the Las Vegas Convention Centre – designed like a TEDx-style programme for wood manufacturers – will examine the development of new technology – including cross-laminated timber (CLT) for high-rise wood buildings, new lumber and panel processes, and flame-finished wood (Shou Sugi Ban), among others.

Numerous speakers will analyze various aspects and trends of the development, which will cover CLT used in wood high-rise buildings, all the way to the current dramatic trend of frameless cabinetry facilitating more automated processes for manufacturing, and many others in between.


Source: Woodworking Network