Wood In Architecture Issue 2, 2023


Performing with wood
Be it for musical, dance, or theatrical performances, theatres and its cousins, auditoriums and halls, must be durable, acoustically sound, beautiful, and in some cases, sophisticated. How can wood rise up to the occasion and serve all these purposes?

Embracing nature in the city: The rise of wooden structures in urban landscapes
It is time for architects to create buildings that engage and interact with the natural world, rather than just mimicking them, according to Sorelle Henricus. She examines three buildings made with mass timber and certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and argues how wood is one of the best ways of engaging with nature.

Everything done right from an early stage
Amid market slumps in the construction segment, how can investing in a more automated and flexible wall elements production help Haas Fertigbau help boost their output and streamline their processes?