Wood In Architecture Issue 2, 2022


Nature and playgrounds: The best of both worlds
Playgrounds are arguably important to a child’s formative years. There, we get to socialise, play, and explore our social and motor skills during our youth. How will wood elevate the experience? In these six wooden playground projects, children get to interact with nature, challenge themselves through wooden structures, enjoy higher air quality with bio-intelligent systems, and more.

Modern, flexible and with speed: Greening cities with sustainable timber
Mass timber buildings have been praised for their eco-friendliness as compared to steel or concrete buildings, but another advantage of using mass timber is its modularity and prefabricatedness. These make mass timber not only ideal as a carbon sink to capture the increasing greenhouse gas emissions, but also a possible solution to the housing shortage problem.

Reaching new heights with wood: Wooden wind turbine towers by Modvion
Wood has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years in the construction industry, but it has also captured the attention of non-woodworking and -construction industries, particularly the energy industry. Modvion, a developer of wooden wind turbine towers, shares the advantages of using wood to build tall and prefabricated turbine towers.