Wood In Architecture Issue 2, 2019


Wood Disruption: Stylish and Iconic Headquarters
With the new-found wealth of Silicon Valley’s tech unicorns, came the reinvention of the workplace. These tech companies want their offices to be unconventional, charismatic and fun, with new designs and features that are better suited to their disruptive and flexible nature, inducing the envy of everyone else along the way.

Freres Lumber brings to market a new type of Mass Timber Panel – Mass Plywood Panels
Established in 1922, Freres Lumber may be one of the oldest family-owned and operated businesses in Oregon, United States, but it is also known for adopting cutting-edge technologies that transform and modernise construction practices. As a premier wood products manufacturing company known for its innovative, high quality and sustainable wood products, Freres Lumber recently developed and released a new patented engineered wood product, the Mass Plywood Panels (MPP). Panels & Furniture Asia (PFA) speaks to Tyler Freres, vice president of Sales.

Saito Wood Industry: An early pioneer in Japan’s glulam manufacturing industry
The first glued laminated timber (glulam or GLT) structure built in Japan was more than 60 years ago in Yotsuya, downtown Tokyo. While the idea of wood as a structural material entered mainstream in the 1990s, it wasn’t until the last 10 years that structural glulam took off on a greater scale.