Wood In Architecture Issue 2, 2018


Flights of fancy
As old as mankind, stairs are integral to daily life. They can suggest journeys, link two levels together, and can be constructed in various ways, like a spiral shape or the more traditional straightforward steps.
Found in today’s modern homes all the way to ancient temples, these steps carry us all somewhere. However, some architects have decided on wood to heighten enjoyment, making climbing stairs less of an arduous journey and more of a pleasurable one.

Francis Yan: A tribute
A major force, an undeniable talent. Francis Yan was more than a director of Revery Architecture – he was an inspiration, a mentor, a friend.

TMT Oak offers new opportunities
Thermally Modified Timber (TMT) is not new but TMT oak lumber is. Or at least it is new in Southeast Asia. The softwood industry and the rubber wood processors have been working with TMT for years to improve durability. But each has their own limitations of strength and stability and in some cases the process has been partially successful. Up until now the American hardwood industry has provided TMT material principally in ash and tulipwood to provide exterior solutions. Previously almost all applications for U.S. hardwood species have been restricted to interiors, but not anymore.