Wood In Architecture Issue 1, 2023


What is the role of a library?
Libraries have long developed past their sole purpose of collecting books for use. As public spaces where the community can gather to work, play, and socialise, and as models for sustainability, timber libraries can encapsulate not only culture, but also enjoyment, neighbourliness and warmth.

Timber construction business: How to make it a success story
Although the world is witnessing an increasing demand for mass timber construction, there are only a few standards to refer to when implementing complex, multi-storey projects. Schuler Consulting, as project engineers, share tips on how to execute a mass timber construction project successfully.

Sylva: Prefabricated, modular mass timber elements in one kit
With the construction industry risk-averse, new and innovative ways of building and green technologies have to demonstrate that engineering and regulation requirements can be met before they become mainstream. To expedite this, Stora Enso developed Sylva, a kit of customisable prefabricated building elements manufactured from mass timber.