Wood In Architecture Issue 1, 2022


Pavilions for one and all
A shelter for the weary, an outdoor classroom for youths, a performance venue for curious passers-by — these are a few of the many possibilities that pavilions can offer to the public. Here, we invite everyone to imagine themselves within these pavilions, admire their versatility, and marvel at how wood is an integral part of their structural beauty.

Wood for good: Mass timber can reduce construction phase by 69%
In order to cut emissions and achieve net zero by 2030, Ken Hickson argues that the built environment industry needs to cut down their greenhouse gas emissions. One way is to scale up low-carbon construction and invest in mass timber buildings, and Hickson provides a few examples of such buildings across the world that use timber certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Holistic hotel experience with American hardwood
American white oak, walnut and cherry are integral in the interior design of Rosewood Hotel Hong Kong, for the hotel to go beyond being aesthetically pleasing, and to also offer a consistent holistic experience, and last for generations.