Wood In Architecture Issue 1, 2019


Live and Learn
Museums often bridge the gap between the ancient and the modern, showing the lives of others while allowing visitors to soak in knowledge as they pace through their hallowed halls.
But when we build with wood, living and learning takes on a whole different meaning. Wood is a living building material, able to breathe and sequester carbon, among other uses. Also warm and welcoming, the presence of wood has been proven to help in information retention. Moreover, up to today, we are still learning of wood’s many benefits, and are still coming up with new ways to engineer and build with wood.

Bullitt Center: Literally living proof
Gamechanging and beautiful, the Bullitt Center is not just proof that wooden structures can last more than a lifetime – it’s living proof.

The case of building with wood
There are many benefits of building with wood, such as versatility and aesthetics. But what are the other advantages?