Wood In Architecture Issue 1, 2018


Wood takes off
Airports: Kids seem to love rolling on their floors, the frequent flier wants to get out as soon as possible, others just want to go home. We all feel differently about being in transit and yet there is one absolute: waiting. Some airport authorities have decided on wood for their new terminals to enhance enjoyment, transforming waiting into something more pleasant. Here, we wouldn’t mind lingering on, just a little longer.

Nature’s advocate
Malaysian architect Azman Md Nor is a huge fan of wood. He is quietly championing this material in his country, but the lack of skilled craftsmen and quality timber, he says, is hindering progress.

Liquid kitchen
Modern day diners expect more than just new palate sensations and to impress the discerning, restaurateurs have taken interior design as seriously as their kitchen kungfu. Three restaurants show how ‘molten’ wood can create ambience for the evening meal.