Wood fencing demand to remain above plastic and composites through 2020

With rising construction expenditures and a trend towards higher value materials such as ornamental metal, plastic and composites, fencing is noted to grow noted in a new study done by Freedonia Group.

According to the Group, the residential building market accounts for the largest share of fencing demand, and is expected to outpace all other markets through 2020. 

The demand for wood fencing, in particular, will prevail over plastic and composites through 2020, primarily due to its low cost. However, plastic and composite fencing is expected to register the most rapid rate of growth in both value and length through 2020. 

Metal fencing is also predicted to account for the largest share of fencing in terms of both value and linear feet, especially ornamental metal fencing to become the most popular due to its low cost and durability.


Source: Building-Products