Wintersteiger: The whole product range and a new addition at LIGNA

Wintersteiger AG debuted the DSB Singlehead NG XM thin-cutting band saw. Efficient and flexible, it was developed especially with changing customer requirements in mind, regardless of the timber and applications.

Ranging from one to six

On top of excelling at cutting both dry and wet timber with a cutting width of up to 350mm and a maximum block height of 165mm, the new addition need not be used individually – in fact, up to six machines can all be connected in-line to keep up with rising demand.

The DSB Singlehead NG XM thin-cutting band saw optimises timber cutting with the feed system for robust block guidance. The innovative system guarantees an optimum grip as well as minimal friction for materials whether wet or dry as well as continuous block feeding, regardless of irregular shapes of the wood blocks.

The saw control is sophisticated as well with its smooth saw blade entry system. When the blade makes contact with the block of wood, it is at a lower speed, and will only accelerate once the block has fully entered, bringing down deflection and improving the quality of the lamella while also protecting the saw.