Wintersteiger Sägen GmbH invests in additional deep grinding machine; yearly capacity to increase by 1 million linear metres

Production foreman Christian Greßler and CEO Stefan Hengelhaupt in front of the existing deep grinding machine during production planning

Wintersteiger Sägen GmbH in Arnstadt, Germany, has announced their investment in an additional deep grinding machine. This machine will significantly increase capacity; in future, it will be possible to produce an additional one million linear metres of band saw blades per year.

For Chief Executive Officer Stefan Hengelhaupt, the new machine, engineered by several suppliers with a total investment of EUR 550,000, is coming at just the right time. “The first deep grinding machine went into operation in 2018 and is currently running at more than 100% capacity. It was time for the second machine – pandemic or not! We are looking ahead and investing for the long term.”

Further capacity means further possibilities

Wintersteiger Sägen GmbH intends to use the additional deep grinding machine to produce more saws for the metal sector, in addition to food and joiner band saws.

“The deep grinding machine is an outstanding machine because it can produce a huge quantity with very high quality in just a short time, and it can’t be compared to any conventional grinding machine. Thanks to the second machine, we will have the flexibility to focus more heavily on the metal band saw product group in the future. Furthermore, the possibility of production smoothing means that we can produce material for stock and our customers will benefit from enhanced delivery availability,” said Hengelhaupt. Hengelhaupt is also confident about the availability of strip steel, as the company has ordered annual requirements and has already planned ahead up to 2022.

Sufficient strip steel in stock

It is not only in the area of machinery and steel that the company is planning for the long term. The production plant was expanded to 7,000 m2 in 2018, and the company site is able to accommodate a further 4,000 m2 of production space.

“All of our machines are technologically state of the art, and we are expanding our machinery on an ongoing basis. We don’t want to stand still, we intend to continue developing our market leading position,” said Hengelhaupt.

With a 65-strong team, Wintersteiger Sägen GmbH produces band saw blades for thin-cutting and frame saws, joiner, narrow band, resaw and log band saws, as well as food and metal saws. The band saw blade service, with all its demands, is also a very important business field.