Winners and design trends of Iconic Awards 2022: Innovation Interior revealed

The V-Alpin is a project by Martin Ballendat which was awarded the “Winner” label, manufactured by Voglauer Gschwandtner & Zwilling, (Image: German Design Council)

The Iconic Awards 2022: Innovation Interior, helmed by the German Design Council, has announced the winners of its “Best of Best”, “Winner” and “Selection” labels, and also trends in the furnishings industry and developments in interior design.

As part of the German Design Council’s Iconic World platform, the Iconic Awards 2022: Innovation Interior shows significant developments and trends in design and furnishings each year, and brings together architects, product designers and property developers with the furnishings industry. The German Design Council, since 1953, has been a centre of expertise in communication and knowledge transfer within design, branding and innovation.

The COVID-19 pandemic was again a theme for this year’s awards. Explaining its choices, the jury said, “The pandemic is resulting in a variety of deep changes to day-to-day life. There are numerous designers responding to these changes with vision. Work meetings and private events are being held by video conference, and online delivery services and retailers are supplying people with basic food and goods. Meanwhile the range of digital entertainment media has reached record levels. The added burden and the increased stress factor at work and among families are paired with a loss of options for relaxation, exercise and recreation. Travelling to exotic destinations or partying is out of the question. Many of our priorities have changed. This has had a substantial impact on design, as we saw during our evaluation of the many entries for the Iconic Awards 2022: Innovative Interior.”

Some of trends outlined by the German Design Council include: an increasing demand for hygiene products and new hygiene concepts in a wide variety of design domains, all while incorporating smart technology; the pandemic’s effect on the formal and aesthetic design of the objects, culminating in a shift towards cool, muted tones, a clean design language and a minimalism involving only the essentials; a high demand for mobility, in a working world which value flexibility, remote working and adaptability; and material innovations that crease new forms and objects, and minimise carbon emissions, all while improving users’ well-being.

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