‘Win, Victory, & Love’ – a collaborative installation between Khalid Shafar and AHEC unveiled at Downtown Design

‘Win, Victory, & Love’, a collaborative installation between Khalid Shafar and AHEC, unveiled at Downtown Design

‘Win, Victory, & Love’, a collaborative installation between respected Emirati designer Khalid Shafar and the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), was unveiled at Downtown Design at the Dubai Design District (d3) during the inaugural Dubai Design Week held last October. Using American Cherry and soft Maple, Shafar has created his installation in memory of the 45 brave UAE soldiers who gave their lives in Yemen last September.

“Taking its name from the famous three-finger salute that was introduced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in February 2013 during the Government Summit in Dubai, ‘Win, Victory, & Love’ is an innovative trademark for work ethic, success and love for the nation. A pure foundation and belief of what those soldiers lost their lives for,” said Khalid Shafar. “This is my second collaboration with AHEC and it has allowed me to work with two wonderful hardwoods on a project that pays tribute to our fallen heroes.”

Shafar created 45 crafted wooden stools in American Cherry and soft Maple, set graciously in a site-specific installation and presented in a harmonious setting. Derived from Shafar’s well-known LITTLE PALM stool, the hardwood stools were upholstered in an original military uniform textile to inject the soul of the Emirati soldiers in to them. Inspired by the palm trees of the region, which demonstrate great resilience against the harsh weather of the area, the LITTLE PALM stool is a perfect metaphor for the brave soldiers of the UAE who lost their lives, but will be remembered forever.

The installation reflects on the recent tragedy the United Arab Emirates experienced for the first time in its military history, said Shafar. 45 soldiers lost their lives during their mission in Yemen. Khalid Shafar aims to pay homage to the fallen Emirati soldiers who devoted their lives to the UAE and also contribute to the documentation of their sacrifice, a process that is already in place by the UAE Government.

“Our involvement with Khalid Shafar and Downtown Design is at the core of what we do to celebrate the potential of American hardwoods. By supporting installations for events like Downtown Design, we can be experimental with American hardwood species through exploration of design and craftsmanship. We also want to ignite new thinking and excite designers about new ways to use wood, particularly underutilised, yet widely-available hardwoods, such as American cherry and soft maple,” said Roderick Wiles, AHEC Director for Africa, Middle East, South Asia and Oceania.

 As a testament to the sustainability of the American hardwood resource, a quick environmental analysis of the project, based upon AHEC’s extensive work on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), revealed that it would take less than six seconds for new growth in the U.S. forest to replace the Cherry and soft Maple required to manufacture all 45 stools. It is the sheer scale of forests, which cover the same landmass as England, France and Italy put together that makes this possible, together with the fact that every year growth far exceeds harvest. Furthermore, almost exactly twice as much carbon was stored in the wood used to manufacture the stools as there were carbon emissions associated with sourcing, processing and delivering the wood to Dubai.


Image: Dubai Design Week

Source: AHEC/ Edited by Panels & Furniture Asia