Why is timber flooring so popular in Brisbane?

Flooring in Brisbane and across Australia has evolved and fluctuated greatly in appearance over the last century. For example, carpeting has become more popular and currently comes in many different piles, lengths and styles. Tile has also evolved considerably with different trend each year.

However, the timber floor remains as popular, just as it was a century ago. While appearance and performance remain almost the same, board widths may change, but timber is still timber. So why is this source immune to style changes for more than a century?

Benefits of Timber Flooring

Timber flooring costs more than many other options in the Brisbane area, but its short-term and long-term benefits more than compensate homeowners for their initial investment. For example, a good carpet may last for 10-15 years, but a solid, well-built timber floor can last longer than 100 years.

Timber floors are also a lot easier to clean than carpets. All it really takes is a soft brush or broom and some light mopping or even a light vacuum. 

Dustmites are a constant issue for carpets as they hold up to 100,000 dust mites per , which can’t be seen in timber flooring. Fleas and dust do not stick to timber too, but will remain in the carpets. 

For carpets, the wear and tear has to be replaced while a timber floor are just sanded and refinished at a lower cost.

Another consideration is styles of carpet and tile. which seem to go in and out of style every year. A tile configuration or a carpet colour may be “in” one year and seen as “tacky” the next. A timber floor looks mostly like they did a century ago and never go out of style. In addition, a timber floor improves aesthetically as it gets older, due to the ageing of the timber and softening of the colours.

Timber flooring is also envrionemntally-friendly, especially when it is obtained from ethical sources. Timber stores carbon for as long as it is whole. Even counting processing and transport, timber has a “carbon footprint” roughly 1/5 that of any other flooring material.

Ultimately, timber flooring is still popular in Brisbane because of its aesthetic, its low maintenance and its high performance.