Why choose European-quality laminate floorings?

European-quality laminate floors are easy to maintain and have low emission, which contributes to a healthy indoor climate. Photo credit: wineo

Eco-friendly laminate floorings have been topping the list for easy maintenance and a healthy-living environment. And members of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) have been showing that they producing their laminate floorings with these criterias in mind – no adding of pesticides, no chloro-organic compounds or harmful heavy metals, and free of plasticisers – which have raised the expectations for a healthier indoor climate with the use of harmless building products.

How laminate flooring helps healthy living?

As house dust mites and other allergy-inducing micro-organisms find the smooth surfaces inhospitable for growth or reproduction, laminate floorings have ranked high for quality indoor air and hygiene, especially for their surface finish. Its melamine resin overlay is especially tough and hard-wearing, along with its high abrasion resistance which even after years of heavy use, the floorings continue to resist household dirt and grime.

 Hard-wearing and easy to maintain: laminate flooring is especially suitable for families and pets. Household dirt and grime brought in from the outdoors can easily be removed by sweeping, vacuuming or with the occasional wipe with a slightly damp mop or cloth. Photo credit: Egger

As everyday activity cannot be avoided, removing dirt becomes the only option in keeping a healthy indoor environment. With a simple sweep or the use of a vacuum cleaner, it refelcts the easy maintenance of laminate floorings. 

Certified in accordance with strict EU guidelines, laminate flooring has been making a positive contribution to a pleasant indoor climate and easy maintenance with their innovative and environmentally-friendly production methods that is value for money.