WhisperCut circular saw blades for quiet and high performance

Optimal cutting quality in almost all wood-based panels, solid wood, plastic and non-ferrous profiles (Image: Leitz)

When cutting panels on table- and sizing saws, as well as panel saws, the topic of noise reduction has become increasingly important. Leitz thus has developed the WhisperCut circular saw blade, which is a user-friendly and future-oriented saw blade technology.

To optimise the performance of the WhisperCut circular saw blade sustainably, the Leitz engineers have designed an innovative grouping of the saw blade teeth. Optimal staggered cut and reduced cutting forces are achieved due to the intelligent arrangement of various edges to each other.

This design ensures multi-purpose application in nearly all conventional wood-derived material panels and in solid wood and ensures optimal cutting quality.

According to Leitz, the saw blade is quiet at idle and in operation, improving the workplace environment. An important element for the considerably reduced noise emissions are new laser ornaments and a unique damping material – vibrations are reduced and the processing quality increased.

With the diamond tips and a stable tooth geometry, this saw blade has a long tool life. The ability to be sharpened several times noticeably reduces costs.

The WhisperCut circular saw blade is designed for conventional cutting width 3.2mm. This means that there is no need for new splitting wedge for the WhisperCut circular saw blade, and thus no additional effort is required.

Leitz recommends using existing scoring saw blades, so users can prevent further investment costs. Meanwhile, high stability of the saw blade is achieved, which is essential for mitre cuts, for example.