Wemhoener (Changzhou) celebrates its 100th short-cycle press line

(L to R) Mr Ge from Jifu and Mr He from Wemhoener China celebrating the delivery of Wemhoener Changzhou’s 100th short-cycle press line 

On 26 July 2020, a special celebration was held in Jiangsu, China, to commemorate the delivery of Wemhoener Changzhou’s 100th short-cycle press line made by its Chinese factory. The press line was delivered to its customer, Jifu.

It is the second short-cycle press line that Jifu has bought from Wemhoener China. In 2016, Jifu bought their first short-cycle press line with EIR function, which can produce synchronised-design melamine faced panels. To meet an increasing market demand, Jifu ordered its second short-cycle press line from Wemhoener in 2019.

“Our order book is full and we need the new press line to be put into use as soon as possible,” said Mr Ge, owner of Jifu, who is very optimistic and confident about his business. 

“It’s the right decision,” he said, adding that “we improved the quality of our products and the efficiency of our production when we used Wemhoener’s short-cycle press line.” 

The unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted the global economy heavily in 2020. However, after a complete shutdown in February, China’s economy is recovering. In the second quarter, the GDP growth rate of China reached +3.2%.

“In the first half of the year, the sales revenue of most Chinese furniture manufacturers achieved almost the same level as last year,” said Mr He, Managing Director of Wemhoener China. “The demand for woodworking machinery is picking up in China.” 

With a good order back-log from 2019 and the new orders from the Chinese domestic market in 2020, Wemhoener China maintained full production throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. To meet the increasing demand of the Chinese market, as well as the Asian market in general, Wemhoener is constructing its second plant in China. An additional 7,000 sq m of the new plant will be put into use in 2021.