Wellborn Cabinet expands its Nature Collection to meet still-growing demand

Featured is Tensile (Base Cabinetry) and Tungsten (Island & Hood) on Davenport Square Hickory and Oak. Photo credit: Wellborn Cabinet

Though first introduced in December 2016, demand for Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.’s Nature Collection is not falling. In fact, it’s still growing. And to meet demand, Wellborn Cabinet will be

The Nature Collection is a line of gray paints and stains that are available in one stain option and two paint options.

In the Nature Collection, Tungsten is available as a stain and Tensile and Forge are paint options. All three choices come in Hickory and Oak door styles, giving customers endless prospects.

For many years, gray cabinetry has been gaining popularity. According to a report Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI) Research published, 69 per cent of designers who partook of the survey felt that gray was the fastest growing colour in the cabinet industry. Moving with the still-growing demand, Wellborn Cabinet has one again proven that they are capable of staying current with the times.