Weinig’s subsidiary Raimann relocated to Malterdingen, Germany

Bright rooms and ergonomic workstations at Raimann’s new location

Weinig’s subsidiary Raimann has moved from its previous production site in Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, to its new premises in Malterdingen, Baden-Württemberg. Located 17km from the previous site, the new, modernised production facility is designed to accommodate further growth in production and staff.

The subsidiary has been established in the region around Freiburg for more than 150 years. Its relocation to Malterdingen was announced as early as summer 2021, and has now been completed over the turn of the year.

According to Weinig, the machines and office space have been relocated, and with the closeness of the new site, the entire workforce has also been retained and has supported the move.

Sven Niedermüller, product manager for the cutting area, commented that he and the other employees were pleased with the change and the resulting opportunities. It gives them a long-term perspective for and with the company, and the move to renovate and refurbish buildings with ergonomic workstations brought a welcome upgrade to the working environment.

The move marked the start of a modernisation concept that goes beyond the building infrastructure. The company has initiated the move towards paperless production and is working on various “adjusting screws” for a more ecologically sustainable industry. The conversion of the heating system, which is currently a natural gas system, is one step in the planning.

Raimann has set further growth as a goal. Various production areas, such as band saw assembly, have been given their own line in Malterdingen to best serve current and future market demand. To achieve this, the company is also seeking to expand its workforce. Raimann’s managing director, Detlev Huber, said that the company is already in the process of increasing the number of employees, especially in the areas of electrical shop, electrical installation and assembly. But the company is also happy to receive unsolicited applications.