Weinig’s second-hand machine business sees boom in sales

Following the expansion of Weinig’s online Pre-owned Machine Exchange, Weinig’s secondhand products are experiencing a real boom: Almost 200 machines were sold in 2015, with planers and moulders accounting for the lion’s share. Weinig also offers tool grinding machines, window centres, cutting solutions and finger jointing lines. The technology for panel processing is also gaining increasing importance in the product range of the Weinig Classic Shop. This means that products from Holz-Her, the specialists for panel processing, are increasingly in demand in Weinig’s pre-owned machines business.

Often the machines entering the Classic Shop are trade-ins from the new machines business. Still, intensive market observation forms an integral part of everyday work in Weinig’s product unit Pre-owned Machines. Its specialists buy pre-owned machines and, upon customer request, search for machines matching certain criteria.

A challenge for the specialists: This old machine comes back with traces of heavy use. Photo Credit: Weinig.

A diligent overhaul: This pre-owned machine is refurbished down to the smallest detail in the Weinig Classic Shop. Photo Credit: Weinig.


A dedicated product unit is responsible for professional handling and customer care at Weinig’s headquarters in Tauberbischofsheim. In the workshop, preserving the “inner values” has a clear priority over optical retouching.

“Weinig spares no cost or effort when it comes to disassembling machines entirely and rebuilding them from scratch,” said Jürgen Michel, director of the product unit Pre-owned Machines. “As part of the overhaul, we replace defective parts. But we also focus strongly on prevention in order to avoid unnecessary service cases.”

In addition, Weinig adapts machines to specific customer requirements, if needed. In any case, customers can be sure to receive a perfectly overhauled machine from the pre-owned machine experts in Tauberbischofsheim.

Despite the high demand, Mr Michel is not worried about potential shortages in supply. Around 80,000 Weinig machines are in use worldwide.

“In view of Weinig quality, the question of whether to scrap or overhaul old machines doesn’t even arise.”