Weinig launches Powermat 1500

Text and images: Weinig

Weinig launches the Powermat 1500, the next series in the Powermat generation, which fills the gap between the successful Powermat 700 and the Powermat 2400 powerhouse.

Perfected ease of operation is the outstanding feature of the new Powermat 1500. The ComfortSet concept brings with it significant simplifications and results in considerably increased efficiency for customers. Numerous settings can be applied tool-free. Fences inside the machine help to determine the correct positions.

Behind the many market- and customer-oriented solutions of the Powermat 1500 stands a consistent modular system. It offers the perfect conditions for a large number of demand-oriented system configurations. Numerous spindle configurations are available, for example. Another feature of the new machine is its huge performance potential. With a spindle speed of 7,000 rpm, even the standard version of the Powermat 1500 leaves little to be desired. In combination with PowerLock the speed can even be increased to 12,000 rpm – at feed speeds up to 40 m/min.