Weinig launches new finger-jointing series for timber construction

Increased performance, more flexibility and an upgraded technology, the new generation of Weinig Grecon’s compact finger jointing lines provide endless possibilities.

“We are well known for our ability to quickly identify new market needs and specifically implement the customers’ requests by highly efficient technology on the market,” said Frank Medicus, project manager.

Product Manager Dirk Bartens added, “We are well-positioned for digitisation and as a technology partner, we support our customers on their way with solutions that are exactly matched to the needs.”

Weinig Grecon Powerjoint

Highly productive top model

The present PowerJoint 15 is complemented by a new version: 18 cycles. With the new system it is now possible to process even shorter timber pieces—550 mm. A pre-alignment, a special tandem clamping station and the pre-infeed system provide for an optimal position of the wood and facilitate the high cycle output. With the automatic feeding and the automatic emptying, easy production with order picking is possible.

Innovation for the entire product line

The decentralised compact system presently known as CF was revised and optimised. The new model PowerJoint 12 now makes 12 cycles possible.

Improvements in the finger jointing line for construction timber also means larger cross sections can now be processed in less time. Furthermore, the clamping patterns of the shaper and the press are identical. The result is an offset-free product.

The new PowerJoint 8 horizontal

With the PowerJoint 8, Weinig Grecon presents the quickest system for vertical finger joints. Timber pieces of a maximum width of 300mm can be processed up to eight cycles per minute. The newly developed Power Joint 8 H is the first decentralised compact finger jointing line for horizontal finger joints which can be equipped with scoring units.

The PowerJoint 8 H can be operated with all three conventional gluing systems, i. e. a glue comb, the roller system and the non-contact glue application. The system can be used for log house construction, CLT production or for window scantlings.

Ready for the production of the future

The software module ProLam for construction timber systems offers another possibility for the linked production. This lamella production computer is designed to control the production orders through the finger jointing line and is available in three different configurations. The reliable ProLam saves time and creates the conditions for a comfortable data exchange with other system components.

Other special features are the innovative operator control by touch screen, the IO link and a comprehensive sensor technology which ranges from the alarm functions to the production control with evaluation and analysis.

All PowerJoint models are equipped with an automatic dimension adjustment and provided with a distance and time optimised infeed into the press.