Weinig launches investment programme at subsidiary Holz-Her

Holz-Her at Voitsberg, Styria, Austria site (Photo: Weinig)

The Weinig Group, a technology provider in the woodworking industry, has announced that it is investing €15 million in its Panel Processing division to promote its subsidiary Holz-Her.

Holz-Her, a machine manufacturer founded in 1914 and part of the Weinig Group since 2010, has grown in recent years and has repeatedly reached the limits of its production capacity. The first investments to expand steel machining were already made in 2018. But in 2019, things quickly became tight again.

For this reason, a large-scale investment project is expected to increase capacity and enable further growth.

The management board and supervisory board agreed on an investment programme in three stages:

  1. Further expansion of steel machining and extension of assembly areas: In addition to the investment made in 2018, there will be a new hall and a new centre for steel machining. The assembly area will be expanded by 1,700m2.
  2. Redesign of the logistics concept at the production site: The existing logistics concept will be revised and restructured. For this purpose, new warehouses with a high level of automation will be built, for pallets, bars and small parts.
  3. Expansion of the showroom and renovation of the office premises at the Voitsberg site.

The €15m investment will thus not only increase production capacity, but also create space to expand the company’s product portfolio in the future.

In view of the investments already made in 2019, which is €5m, and 2020 with €12m, both of which were primarily aimed at the sales, service and development site in Nürtingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Weinig again underlines the importance of Holz-Her for the entire group.

The investment in the further expansion of the sites is also a clear signal to the employees that Weinig is committed to Voitsberg, Styria, Austria, and Nürtingen, and fully supports them in their further development of Holz-Her.

“We are very much looking forward to continue shaping the future of Holz-Her together,” said Gregor Baumbusch, CEO of the Weinig Group, and Frank Epple, managing director of Holz-Her.