Weinig Group strengthens Voitsberg production site

Precise, efficient and flexible: the new CNC center is an investment in the future of Holz-Her

As part of its long-term growth strategy, the Weinig Group has installed a state-of-the-art processing center at the production site of its subsidiary Holz-Her. For this purpose, a new 1,000 sqm extension hall was built in Voitsberg, Austria. The total volume of the project is around 4.5 million euros.

The decisive factor for this major investment was the continuous positive development of the company. After its integration into the Weinig Group, Holz-Her tripled its sales by 2017. The heavy, 30 meter long Duplex CNC milling and drilling center in Voitsberg is mainly used for frame construction. However, other large parts for the various machines for panel processing offered by the company will also be manufactured on these machines in the future. With its high production capacity, the new machine creates the necessary conditions to cover a further growth of up to 40% and to be able to produce frames of all dimensions with existing technologically by the company itself. The CNC center also represents a significant step forward in terms of production flexibility. The new, variable processing technology enables Holz-Her to react quickly to market fluctuations. Technically, the new machine represents the state of the art. Steel components are machined on the milling machine with absolutely no set-up time. This translates into significant efficiency gains.

Holz-Her has been producing all stationary machines in Voitsberg since 1964. Today the portfolio includes CNC processing centers, edge banders as well as pressure beam and vertical saws. Voitsberg has 300 employees. The headquarters of the company, which has been part of the Weinig Group since 2010, is Nürtingen in southern Germany.