Weinig Asia launches TIMBERMAT four-sided planer and moulder


Weinig Asia has announced the launch of TIMBERMAT, a new series four-sided planer and moulder, for the South East Asian market. TIMBERMAT has a compact yet strong machine design that can improve production capacity and efficiency in solid wood processing. 

With numerous feed rolers and wide driven table rollers, nearly every part feeds easily through the TIMBERMAT machine. A standard frequency-controlled feed allows users to easily set the appropriate speed and precisely determine surface quality. Its low maintenance and robust gearbox design allows efficient day-to-day production of different wood mouldings (eg, cabinet doors, windows, furniture components, etc). 

TIMBERMAT seeks to help small start-up businesses that are looking for a low-cost and reliable moulder, as well as businesses that are looking to replace their ageing planers/moulders, especially those that incur high maintenance costs.