Webinar by WOOD TAIWAN attracts more global attention to Taiwan machinery supply

The “Taiwan Business and Trade Show Webinar for Asia and Oceania-Woodworking Machinery Industry” hosted by the WOOD TAIWAN Show on 18 Nov 2021 has gathered 124 registrants and 62 attendees including from Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, India, or even Canada and Belgium, making it a successful global pre-show warmup for the actual fair in 2022.

The opening keynote by Cliff Chang stressed the importance of export sales for Taiwan woodworking machinery. In 2020, some dominant markets for Taiwan woodworking machinery include the US, China, Canada, Vietnam, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Indonesia, which accounted for 88% of Taiwan’s overall exports. Additionally, Taiwan is continuously expanding its sales to other rapidly growing markets such as India, Malaysia, or in the Middle East or Africa.

After the opening keynote, SAWYER, who produces wood preparation machinery, the band saw, band resaw, and small log processing lines, presented their product to the audience. Its thin cutting band saw features heavy duty frame, and can withstand thin cutting to a minimum of 2mm-thick lamella, which is comparable to other leading brands. Also, the sensors and the smart programming on its machines can align the feeding to the cutting speed and further ensure a more optimised cutting result.

In the finger jointing solution, Ethan Tu, the sales manager of CKM, mentioned that Taiwan not only can supply high-quality manual models but meet more demands on the automatic finger jointing models. That helps reduce the manpower from four to two. Additionally, the stacking machines can extend the automatic line and allow a more flexible labour arrangement to the production.

Sanding is essential for almost all kinds of delicate manufacturing, and like many sanding brands in Taiwan, SALIDA is offering its machinery to cover for different sanding requirements. From the presentation given by the sales representative Selina Wei, SALIDA presented six contrasting models to offer a total solution to cover from the plain surface to profile sanding, or from manual work to heavy duty purposes to be used in either wood or metal processing.

The solutions shared by SAWYER, CKM and SALIDA also showed an echo to the global trends on automation and a reduced-labour manufacturing demand in the woodworking industry, which has been boosted by many folds with the cause of pandemic outbreak since 2020.

To watch the full webinar, click here.