Weather-safe Building Resources from APA – The Engineered Wood Association

Tornado season is back. Although monster storms get a lot of attention, 95 percent of tornados are weaker (EF0-EF2), and homes that are built with wind-resistant construction details can withstand them. Building a more durable structure does not require a lot of expense, but it does require attention to detail.

APA has a wide variety of free resources available to educate on weather-safe building methods. Our field service staff are frequently on the scene quickly in storm-damaged areas, gathering information on structural performance and construction methods. Our industry-leading experts provide technical and educational support to builders, designers and architects throughout the US and Canada. Our free resources include:

  • Webinar: After the Storm: Building for High Wind Resistance is a free webinar designed for builders and designers. The 60-minute presentation focuses on the structural failures observed during storm damage assessments and the behaviour of wood structures during wind events. This course is approved for continuing education credit by the American Institute of Architects and the International Code Council. View the webinar at
  • Technical Reports: APA is a leader in systems testing and research on engineered wood products and competing materials. Our lab is internationally certified and our role in quality assurance and standards development is recognized worldwide.
  • Damage Assessments: Reports compiled from on-site data collection after a storm designed to assess the damages sustained by homes as a result of high winds.
  • Installation Recommendations: Even the best products can perform poorly if installed incorrectly. Our installation recommendations give detailed instruction on proper techniques.