Want incomparable interiors? Try HD Lux high-definition lacquered panels

The arrangement and construction of an interior mirrors the profound sense of poise, sophistication, functionality and contentment of the user. While the designs of the furnishings come down to modernized methods of woodworking and craftsmanship, it is the materials used that seize and raise the dynamic flair in the most utilitarian of areas.

Modern interior design has drawn forth the quiet allure of graceful expanses and immaculate lines and edges, giving rise to an interest and demand for highly glossed and varnished surfaces. Ornare, in building on that concept, offers HD Lux high-definition lacquered panels that are perfect for interior design use.

Consumers now have the chance to obtain the same polished, contemplative interior design many modern European cabinetry and furniture embody for both commercial and private usage.

More durable, more economical and glossier, environmentally-friendly E1 grade medium density fibreboard (MDF) panels go into HD Lux panel production. An extremely impervious coating is provided by applying an acrylic lacquer surface using a patented base primer.

Because of this new, state-of-the-art finishing procedure, these panels are in an original class of products, far beyond comparable stock accessible on the market. The HD Lux panels come in 18-mm thickness and is the quintessential answer to the formulation of various cabinetry, closets, offices, decorative elements, and so much more.