Volume of timber imports continues to grow in the UK

In the latest imports statistics compiled by the UK Timber Trade Federation (TTF), the UK shows a volume growth of 5% in the first four months of 2016 as compared to a year ago.

The increase was principally due to a rise in panel product imports from the countries such as Brazil (+31% rise in softwood plywood) and Indonesia (+53% rise in hardwood plywood), according to TTF’s statistical bulletin.

However, outlook for softwood was different – the value of softwood imports decreased by around 7.5%. Sawn goods were down by around 8%, while planed goods were 6.5% lower, due to currency fluctuations.

The TTF said countries outside the EU – such as Russia – were like to increase their shipments of softwood to the UK.

TTF will hold an event in September to look at the potential impacts of the EU referendum vote on the UK timber trade and forecasts for the future.

Source: Timber Trades Journal