Vietnam’s US market share of furniture tops 20%

For the first time Vietnam’s share in total US imports of wood furniture surpassed 20%. China’s import share declined from almost 50% in January to just over 48% in February. Furniture imports from China declined by 3%, while imports from Vietnam grew 4% month-over-month. The value of wooden furniture shipped to the US in February was almost unchanged from the previous month at US$1.39 billion. Year-to-date imports were 23% higher than in February 2015.

Imports from Malaysia were down 3% in January at US$58.2 million, but year-to-date imports grew 30% from the same time last year. Year-to-date all major suppliers to the US market increased shipments compared to February 2015.

US wooden office furniture imports increased by 8% from January, while kitchen furniture imports declined by the same rate. There was little change in imports of wooden seating and bedroom furniture.


Source: ITTO