Vietnam timber import ban from Laos and Cambodia extended

Image: Oliver Paaske/Unsplash

Five years ago Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Circular No. 44/2018/TT-BCT regulating the temporary suspension of import and re-export of round wood and sawnwood from natural forests from Laos and Cambodia.

This circular is effective until 31 Dec 2023. After five years of implementation the Ministry of Industry and Trade has conducted a review and assessment of the implementation of Circular No. 44/2018/TT-BCT.

Based on the results of the summary and assessment and to avoid legal gaps when Circular No. 44/2018/TT-BCT expires, the ministry issued Circular No. 21/2023/TT-BCT dated 14 Nov 2023 extending the suspension of import and re-export of roundwood and sawnwood from natural forests in Laos and Cambodia.

Vietnam is committed to implement policy mechanisms and measures to improve the effectiveness of forest management and forest product management to ensure compliance with international norms and regulations.

Vietnam has participated in a Voluntary Partnership Agreement between Vietnam and the EU on forest law enforcement, forest governance and forest product trade (VPA/PLET), the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) and is active in strengthen measures to protect the environment and to combat climate change.

Source: ITTO