VCBL-B-HD and VCBL-S6-HD vacuum blocks: All-rounders for Biesse and SCM

Schmalz has developed new vacuum clamping systems for the CNC machining centres from Biesse and SCM Morbidelli. The VCBL-B-HD and VCBL-S6-HD vacuum blocks are flexible in use and can be used to fix sensitive components as well as demanding solid wood and solid surface materials.

The VCBL-S6-HD vacuum blocks for processing machines from SCM Morbidelli are 75mm or 110mm high (Image: Schmalz)

Schmalz’s vacuum clamping systems for Biesse and SCM Morbidelli console tables come in a new silver finish made from the light metal. The VCBL-B-HD and VCBL-S6-HD vacuum blocks are suitable as a hose-free vacuum clamping system for a wide variety of workpieces. The blocks are said to hold very thin components as well as heavy solid wood even with a rough surface, and the he heavy-duty version ensures even greater reliability and efficiency.

Suction cups and suction cup mountings can be optionally screwed together for even greater stability during production. Thanks to the strong holding force and lateral force absorption, woodworking stores can fix their workpieces reliably and avoid rejects. Schmalz has optimised the clamping equipment for high-cutting forces when processing solid wood, solid surface materials such as high pressure laminates (HPL) and laminates.

Thanks to the integrated touch valve, vacuum blocks that are not required can remain on the machine table, which reduces set-up times. The clamping equipment is also suitable for a wide range of applications. The rotatable suction plate adapts to different workpiece geometries. The flexible sealing allows clamping of rough surfaces and can be easily replaced if damaged without users having to replace the entire vacuum block.

The VCBL-B-HD vacuum blocks for Biesse systems are available in heights of 48mm and 74mm. The VCBL-S6-HD vacuum blocks are suitable for SCM Morbidelli processing machines, available in heights of 75mm or 110mm. With the appropriate accessories, they can also be used for the Flexmatic machine table with automatic positioning and Start-Pilot with position detection.

Furthermore, the new suction plates for both models are not only rotating and interchangeable, but also have an integrated NFC tag that reads out product data via smartphone. NFC allows applications to conveniently access all of the suction cups’ technical data, speeding up service processes. This includes, for example, dimensions, article and serial numbers and documentation. Accidental coupling with a neighbouring component is not possible due to the small effective distance.